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Oasis Accessories

The accessories shown below are designed to organize various components and materials used constantly by today's fly tyer. Some of these products are designed and can be used right on many if not all of the Oasis benches. Others are designed to be a stand alone product. 

Most of them fulfill one very important function, they give the user an accurate knowledge of inventory. I don't know how many times I have bought something just to find out when I get home that I already had three of them. They also of course help to cut down on searching time for that just right material or color. 

This is a page you want to come back and check from time to time to see what new ideas we have come up with.

Shipping costs on the shopping cart reflects orders being sent within the U.S. International customers will pay exact shipping costs. We will email you the extra charges to be able to ship your order to you once the order is received.

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The “Baggy Buddy” - There are so many fly tying materials that come in zip lock bags of all sizes.  They can be hard to organize, especially right within reach of you fly tying area.  The Baggy Buddy has 5  two inch long brass rods on both sides of the top rail for bags up to 2.5” wide and up to 5” long.  The middle rail has 4 two inch long rods on both sides for bags up to 3.5” wide and up to 5” long.  The lower rail has 3  two inch rods on one side for bags up to 4.5” wide and up to 12” long while on the opposite side there are 5 two inch brass rods for bags up to 2.5” wide and 12” long.   As you can see this one storage piece can store A LOT OF STUFF.  The piece easily rotates from side to side with just the touch of a finger.  The 6” square base keeps it secure without taking up a lot of space.  The 12” long oak dowel will fit in the rear 1/2” holes found on all Oasis Benches if you want to make this a part of your Oasis bench.  Made from solid red oak construction.  Finished size is 25” tall and 12” wide. 

MSRP $44.95     

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SparkleSpinner32.jpg (26425 bytes) Sparkle Spinner 32 - This two story version of the popular Sparkle Spinner 16 has twice the storage capacity of its smaller cousin.  The elastic cords hold any hanked material in place in their respective vertical slot.  The vertical slot helps to keep each material from getting mixed up with its neighbor.  Can be purchased two ways.  One, as a complete unit with base, long dowel and two round discs.  Two, as a retro kit for those of you who already have a sparkle spinner 16 and want to convert it to a Sparkle Spinner 32.  This later version comes with the second disc and a longer dowel, you use your existing base and top disc.  Base is 4"x4", discs are 6" in diameter, and height is just over 20". solid oak construction. videobutton
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Sparkle Spinner 32 complete
MSRP $57.50
Sparkle Spinner 32 retro kit
MSRP $25.95

Sparkle Spinner Flash Set - We are offering a 32 package "Sparkle Spinner" flash set. This comes from Fly Tyers Dungeon and includes: Glass Web, H2O Flash, Northern Lights and Pearl Web plus 2 extra new Flash items for free! This would retail for over $100 in retail stores. Special Price: $25.00 per set!
NOTE* You must purchase a Sparkle Spinner 32 in order to purchase this Flash Set

DubbingTower48.jpg (26731 bytes) Dubbing Tower 48 - Designed to hold 4 of the plastic Spirit River dubbing boxes that have a dispenser hole on the back of each compartment.  Each box holds up to 12 dubbings and measures  6" x 3" x 1".  A snap to load or remove boxes from tower as needed.  Best to use box while still in tower.  Rotates for convenient access to each box.  Base measures 6"x6" and is 10 1/2" tall .  solid oak construction videobutton
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Dubbing Tower 48 w/4 boxes
MSRP $80.00
Dubbing Tower 48 w/o boxes
MSRP $58.00

Dubbing Tower 48 Dubbing Set - This 48 package dubbing set is from Fly Tyers Dungeon and includes: 12 pkg. Hare's Web, 6 Skeeter Fuzz, 6 Frog's Hair, 6 Mr. Peacock dubbing, 6 Antron Dubbing, 6 Halo Dubbing, 6 Coarse & Wet.
This dubbing set would retail for over $80.00 in a retail outlet!
Special Price: $20.00
NOTE* You must purchase a Dubbing Tower 48 in order to purchase this Dubbing Set

HookHotel.jpg (34183 bytes) Hook Hotel - Stores 5 plastic boxes for organizing your hook inventory.  Each 10" x 4 3/4" x 1" box from Spirit River holds 20 different hooks in their 2"x1"x1" compartment.  Each compartment has a rounded front bottom to make removal of even the smallest hooks a snap.    The double hinged lid has a tripple snap closure system to keep hooks secure in their own compartment.  Great for storing beads and eyes too.  A 100 sticker sheet in included so you can label each compartment.  Front center dowel keeps boxes in place while transporting.  Solid oak construction. videobutton
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Hook Hotel w/5 boxes -
MSRP- $145.00
Hook Hotel w/o boxes
MSRP- $92.00

  • Plastic Boxes - empty for Dubbing Towers 
    MSRP- $6.50

  • Hook Pro Boxes - empty individual pro 20 boxes for Hook Hotel
    MSRP- $10.00


FlyDock2003.jpg (17976 bytes) Fly Dock - A rippled foam attachment that fits in any half inch hole. A place to store finished masterpieces. Includes 2 one inch magnets. It works with any bench (wood base pictured not included). 

MSRP- $28.00

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FlyDock2003.jpg (17976 bytes) Fly Dock w/Base - A rippled foam attachment that fits in any half inch hole. A place to store finished masterpieces. Includes 2 one inch magnets and wood base.

MSRP - $33.00

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ThreadRack2003.jpg (41746 bytes) Oasis Thread Rack - Stores 120 spools on 60 brass rods (the user taps in rods and leg support). 

MSRP- $42.95

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EyeBeadCenter2003.jpg (36639 bytes) The Bead and Eye Center - Stores 10 of your favorite beads and/or eyes. the three trays in front come in handy when tying. 

MSRP- $28.00

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ChenilleCenter2003.jpg (23192 bytes)

Chenille Center - There are 36 medium size and 14 large size spools to store your favorite body wrapping materials such as chenille, yarn, wire, tinsel, larva lace, lead, etc. The ends of the stored material are left sticking out where you pull and unwind the amount you need, clip it off and leave a piece sticking out to grab next time. 

MSRP- $45.50

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SparkleSpinnerA2003.jpg (20257 bytes)

Sparkle Spinner 16 - The vertical slots hold 16 different colors and materials of krystal flash or flash-a-bou materials. The elastic cord keeps materials firmly in place. Materials are easily removed and then put back in place or just keep them in place and cut off just what you need each time. The added bonus of the 8 brass rods will store an additional 16 spools of materials like tinsel, wire,, mylar, lead, or any material found on a spool. It is 14" tall with a 6" diameter top. 

MSRP- $33.00


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The Oasis Dubbing Brush Maker - Here is a simple product for making those dubbing brushes.  Using a medium gauge wire you can make these up ahead of time.  One dubbing brush is long enough to do a large fly or a couple of smaller ones.  Rubber washers hold the wire while you route the wire along some short brass pegs.  Grab ahold of the wire with the twist tool and spin away.  Super easy and fast.   Instructions included along with twist tool.  See my video on my Face Book page. 

MSRP - $24.00

Watch video about this product

Rippled Foam - A 9.5" x 11.5" piece of rippled foam. Large enough to re-foam 2 average fly boxes. Ridges are along the 9.5" axis. 
MSRP- $11.95

Oasis Storage Jars - Crystal clear half ounce jars with white lids. Used with the Bead and Eye Center and the Gilly. Bag of 10 jars. 
MSRP- $10.75 bag of 10

Base not included

The Oasis Book Holder - The Oasis book holder is a great accessory if you use either books or an iPad to assist you in tying patterns. The 1/2” dowel on the bottom of the holder fits in any 1/2” hole found on ALL Oasis benches except the Midge Bench (would probably not work so well with the Pedestal Base bench either). The book holder comes in two versions, the maple version would be for our Pro bench series and the oak version would be for all others. The knobs at the front of the book holder keeps the pages from turning or the iPad from slipping off the front of the holder. videobutton
Watch video about this product
MSRP- $29.95


MSRP- $29.95


"Of all the fly tying benches we've sold on our store over the past 15 years, the Oasis bench has sold the best"

Dave Corcoran, Owner, The Rivers Edge
Bozeman, MT


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